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Re: Tolerance

Hi all,

IMHO, Bill is absolutely right.  I've been a DXer on the HF bands for 46 
years.  In all of that time, and probably for more than 46 years before 
that, "DX hoggery" has been a controversial subject.  There's only one 
person who should be in control of who gets worked and when: the operator 
at DX end of the pileup.  If Susan or Jeff wants to work the same station n 
times, it's their right to do so.  That said, there is also such a thing as 
common courtesy.  Before you next squeeze that PTT button, or hit the key 
to send another packet, please remember that there are others waiting, many 
of whom have not had the pleasure of getting through to ISS before.  Why 
not make their day?

Tnx & 73, Ray 

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