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Fw: Historical Day for AO-40 !!!

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From: "Farrell Winder" <fwinder@one.net>
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2001 11:35 AM
Subject: Historical Day for AO-40 !!!

> Hi All,
>     This was an exciting day and it is believed history was made for A0-40
> in sending
> the 1st SSTV  pictures thru  this satellite!
>     Don Miller, W9NTP and Farrell Winder, W8ZCF of the MAREX-NA group
> succeeded in getting  several good pictures through AO-40.  W8ZCF
> transmitted on  70 cm and W9NTP received on 13 cm. Tests started about
> UTC on Saturday May 12, 2001 when the satellite was out about 48, 000 km
> continued until the satellite was  at a range of 40,000 km. Signals were
> strong and Don reported S readings of only 2 to 3. SSTV was sent only one
> way
> as W8ZCF did not have receive capability in place.
>     The experiment was 2 fold.  W9NTP and W8ZCF, along with others of the
> Marex group have been developing and testing the NEW SSTV System for the
> International Space Station.  It is called SpaceCam1. All pictures during
> this phase of the test were sent via SpaceCam1 using R36 and S1 modes.
>     W9NTP and W8ZCF were believed to have received the last 2 pictures
> AO-13 the day before its re-entry into the earth's atmosphere as reported
> in an article in CQ VHF February 1997.  It was planned at that time that a
> try would be made  for the 1st pictures via P3D ( now A0-40) and it is
> believed that success and history were made today!
>     Also an unusual  record may have been set in that 2 meter terrestrial
> contact (about 80 miles) was later maintained in experiments between
> & W8ZCF while
> W8ZCF transmitted voice  on 70 cm via  A0-40  to W9NTP listening on 13
>  For details of SpaceCam1 see:
>     http://www.marex-na.org/
>     It is planned to within the next 24 hours to have some of the received
> pictures via AO-40 on this web site.
>     It is hoped that others will follow with SSTV via A0-40. This
> is performing in excellent fashion, under the circumstances,  thanks to
> perserverance of the many who built, tested and  have  recently worked so
> hard in getting optium performance  of AO-40.
>     Submitted by Farrell Winder, W8ZCF, Cincinnati, Ohio..

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