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On 5/11/01 6:39 AM Stan Vandiver (Stan@Vandiver.com) wrote:

>Finally, (FINALLY!!!!) let me fill you in on what I'm *NOT* doing... I am 
>making multiple voice contacts, but I have noticed that there are many who 
>are. Susan is starting to learn some people's names now. 

Generally, I agree with your main point, more people should be enjoying 
ARISS. However, the above statement is an example of my problem with many 
of the messages posted to this list lately.

The amateur station abord the ISS is an wonderful resource for our hobby. 
However, I've noticed hams typically show little tolerance of people with 
aims different than their own. Rather than trying to understand people's 
motivation and making allowances for it, they try to convince everyone 
that their views are right, or the best.

One recent example was when, as part of building ariss.net, I was running 
tests to determine what power level could get through so I could provide 
guidance to those people that were asking me questions. Someone chose to 
take public exception to my use of the digi without bothering to find out 
who I was, what I ws doing, or why I was doing it.

In this case, Stan appears to imply that multiple contacts are bad. If 
the sole purpose is to say "I talked to Susan 153 times", then I think 
most people would say such a ham is greedy. Still, no one in this 
discussion has the right to say even this is an inappropriate use of the 
resource. I've not tried to make any voice contact yet, I don't know who 
Stan is referring to, so I'm not defending myself or anyone else, but 
perhaps there is other motivation at work here.

Personally, I find little interest in the typical DX style contact, with 
the ISS or elsewhere. As Stan points out, all it takes is luck, 
equipment, and skill. Well, I've been pretty lucky through my life so 
far, I've managed to accumulate a pretty good station, and a bit of skill 
using it. I don't need a bunch of QSL cards on the wall, or a "Worked All 
Expeditions" certificate to prove it. 

What I do enjoy more than short acks is getting to know the people I talk 
to on the radio. Anyone who's ever worked me on the air knows that I drag 
the conversation off of the normal name-rig-weather script quickly. In 
the past, I've had long, ongoing conversations with a couple of the 
cosmonauts onboard Mir. Discussion about schooling, families, 
lives...this is far more interesting to me than a 15 second 
acknowledgement that they heard me. I think it is also a lot more 
satisfing on the space end as well.

Maybe this person was just trying to develop a relationship with Susan 
that goes a little deeper than a trophy hunt. 

What I'm saying here is that all users of ISS need to understand there 
are many different uses for the ISS station, and many different 
motivations among the users. Whether it is collecting wallpaper, rallye 
tracking, QSOs, promoting APRS, or systems work, all have an equal right 
to use the resource. All users need to show a little tolerance and 
consideration for your fellow hams that are different than you.

Each ham needs to first follow the rules of their licensing body. In the 
US this includes using the minimum power to complete the intended 
communication. Next, they need to look at their own operation and make 
sure they are not causing undo interference to others in their pursuit of 
whatever their goal is. Finally, when a ham sees another ham doing 
something they think is wrong, rather than issue a public condemnation, 
they ought to take the time to see if there is some legitimate reason for 
that which they find objectionable.

Steve K4HG
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