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Re: WB4APR's new mindset [was something else]

Stan Vandiver wrote:

> And on the www.ariss.net map there is a gaping hole in the central US 
> where apparently no one is trying.  I cannot believe that they are trying but 
> just not getting through. Too many people are indeed reporting contacts 
> with low power and minimal antenna systems, including mobiles... yet I 
> have only seen a handful of Chicago-area callsigns posted to the map. Bob 
> guesses between 1,000-10,000 are uplinking on every pass, but I'm 
> beginning to feel that even the low number is a high estimate.

Is it possible that hole is because the coastal stations have a crack at 
ISS when it's out over the oceans and the count of stations in the 
footprint beaconing as fast as they can is down to half a bazillion, 
rather than 2.5 bazillion?

73 de Maggie K3XS

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