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Re: WB4APR's new mindset [was something else]

Congratulations on the many successful contacts you have made. I 
would also encourage you to keep up the good work of bringing more 
hams into this enjoyable part of the hobby.
I would say that both you and Bob are correct. Yes you can make a 
contact if you are the loudest voice of the pack. The receiver is a 
FM system so there is a capture effect that can be easily 
We did that when we tested W5LFL's radio at JSC before the flight. I 
was there as the hardware developer. The point that I believe Bob is 
trying to make is that if everybody tries once a second during a 
pass, that leaves no chance for the hams who don't have a high EIRP 
to make it.
Contacts can be made using a moderate station on the ground if the 
AGC is not cranked up by so many simultaneous inputs. We also prove 
that quite often with the personal and school contacts.

All I can say is that by reducing the number of simultaneous 
transmissions, all will have a better chance. I believe that is what 
Bob is trying to say. Bob is absolutely correct in saying that and I 
sincerely hope that all will heed his advice.

Keep up the support of our great hobby.
Louis W. McFadin
Hardware Manager 
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