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1st contact with ISS

Hello all ,
I t was great to make my 1st contact with the crew with of the ISS ,in fact 
when I heard Jim come back with my call 9 May 2001 about 7am I let out a 
yell that cause my wife to come running to check.Well she is a also a 
ham(kc5cyz) so she understood.I will pit the qsl card that I will get from 
ISS with my other 7 qsl card from Sarex mission and display them proudly.I 
can remenber the fun in those days to talk and connect with Mirs and the 
Space Shuttle,please keep the great contact chances coming...
                                       Wade Norris K5wpn/AAM6EOK Okla Army 
MARS  Duncan,Okla

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