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ISS Voice (West Coast USA and *Europe*)

  17:30 9/05/2001

>ISS Amateur Radio Status: May 9, 2001
>----< snip >--------
>I also asked Susan, if she has had time to call Amateur Radio stations
>while she is over Europe.  Susan's said, "Yes, but there does not seem
>to be too much activity."

A pity. I listen every chance I get, and I've only ever heard packet 
(finally manged to get a packet or two "digipeated"). Sadly, most of the 
ISS passes over Nederland are, at least at present, during working hours, 
so I miss many. I even take my handheld to work, and stand on the 
building's roof in my lunch break, if there's a suitable pass.

I do hear Russian radio traffic on 143.625 MHz.

Sil - PA3HIL

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