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ISS Voice (West Coast USA and Europe)

ISS Amateur Radio Status: May 9, 2001

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

Hi all:

I talked to Susan Helms on ISS today (May 9, 2001 15:10 UTC) and
discussed her Amateur Radio voice activity on 2-meters  (TX 144.490, RX
145.800 FM over the USA).  
I asked her if she would be able to work the West coast of the USA, now
that her orbits  have shifted west.  Susan said, Yes, Now the west cost
passes over the USA are better for her "OFF-Times".

Over the past few weeks, Susan has been talking to East-Coast Amateur
radio stations in the USA.  The orbits of ISS change and repeat over an
8 week cycle.  For the month of April, the orbits of ISS favored the
Eastern half of the USA.  Now the orbits of ISS favor the Western half
of the USA.  The ISS crew can only use the Amateur Radio station, during
their OFF-Times, when all other important work has been completed. 
Voice contacts are purely Random.  However your best times to find the
crews are during the evening hours on ISS (ISS crews are in UTC time. 
Best times between 1500 - 2200 UTC).

I also asked Susan, if she has had time to call Amateur Radio stations
while she is over Europe.  Susan's said, "Yes, but there does not seem
to be too much activity."
I then confirmed that Susan was using the correct frequencies when
orbiting over Europe
(Note, under the current radio plans, the ISS crews change frequencies
which favor different parts of the world, the frequencies TX 145.200  RX
145.800 are for Amateur Radio stations in Europe)

Good luck all, suggest you get your tape recorders ready and start
listening to the ISS channels.  Please observer the proper calling

1. Wait for ISS Crew to call CQ or QRZ.
2. Send only your call sign and wait for crew to acknowledge.
3. Listen closely for the call of the station she is talking to.
4. If you do not hear your call sign, do not transmit again until you
hear the ISS say CQ or QRZ

Please be courteous.

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-NA

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Until we meet again

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