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Re: ISS PACKET 5/8/01 - 1418UTC PASS

On Tue, 8 May 2001, Dino Darling wrote about the Hall of shame....
> XXXX tried to connect to ISS and it said NO, THREE TIMES!  
> Then, xxxx tried to connect to xxxxx...

I was in Colorado at a small Satellite Conference and during a break,
walked outdoors to show some folks how when ISS comes over, my HT in my
pocket can capture packets...

ISS came into view, and I heard more packets than I have ever heard... but
then it only took about 3 seconds to realize that I had not turned down
the UPLINK volume and was hearing just a local on the uplink.  For the
entire 10 minute duration of the pass, he was transmitting one packet
every 3 seconds.

Just three un-informed stations in the entire USA doing this, james
the uplink for everyone else...  My estimate is that there are between
1000 and 10,000 people transmitting on every pass...  What do you hear on
the uplink?

We need to get people to back off.  Try one packet a minute or so.  If
everyone did this, then more people would have success, though still it
may take many passes. 

ALthough there is no "personal" advantage to this method, the benefit to
the other 99.99% of people on the uplink IS GOOD.  The mutual benefit to
all is far more GOOD than the small sacrifice of the individual...

But it takes a new mindset....

de WB4APR, Bob

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