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ISS PACKET 5/8/01 - 1418UTC PASS

Hall of shame....(or, I have this all completely wrong...)

W1AW tried to connect to ISS and it said NO, THREE TIMES!  Then, W1AW tried to connect
to KC8IDG DIRECTLY on the downlink?!  When that didn't work, then KC8IDG tried to connect
DIRECTLY to W1AW on the DOWNLINK and W1AW said OK.  Now it IS possible that the
ISS was out of range of both of these stations when they tried to make a connect.  In that
case, no harm done...just setting a bad example by transmitting on the downlink.

Currently, the only thing that is working is unproto communications through ISS.  You cannot
connect to another station when in UNPROTO mode.  You can if you digipete, but thats not
what I'm seeing here.  I don't even know if you CAN digipete at this time.  What I do know is
that if you can, it is not recommended!  The chances of having two stations in limbo is VERY
high due to the traffic and unpreditability of the ISS!

As a reminder...don't try to CONNECT to the ISS.  It won't work and uses up valuable air time!
Don't try to connect to another station via ISS.  This ties up the frequency and can/will leave
two stations hanging.

For now its UNPROTO baby!  People are sending e-mail (inefficient...but fun), doing APRS, saying
a quick "hello", and in most cases, just getting their callsign repeated for everyone to see.  These
are all great!  Any other operations beside UNPROTO at the time only ties up the frequency
needlessly and makes it that much harder for little guy with a groundplane to get in.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

>NOCALL>W1AW [05/08/01  10:19:03]: <<DM>>:
>NOCALL>W1AW [05/08/01  10:19:18]: <<DM>>:
>NOCALL>W1AW [05/08/01  10:19:26]: <<DM>>:
>W1AW>KC8IDG [05/08/01  10:20:10]: <<C>>:
>W1AW>KC8IDG [05/08/01  10:20:42]: <<C>>:
>KC8IDG>W1AW [05/08/01  10:21:00]: <<C>>:
>W1AW>KC8IDG [05/08/01  10:21:02]: <<UA>>:


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