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Susan on voice May 4 2120 UTC

Hi everyone!
Just had a nice QSO with Susan Helms / NA1SS!
Thank you very much for coming back to my call! The name her is Al -
Alpha Lima, and the QTH is Greenville, SC.

You guys did a fantastic job last week, I was watching on NASA TV.  And
your doing a fantastic job with the amateur radio, Susan.  Everyone down
here really appreciates it.

Can you tell us how your weeks been with your new guests up there? 
Because I know Dennis will be leaving tomorrow. Hows it been? NA1SS de
N4ISS over.

Well thanks for the call Al.  This is actually (laughing a little) your
the first person to ask me, we haven't had a chance to talk to people.
Everything is going fine, and your right, they are leaving tomorrow. 
There getting ready to do that even as we speak.  I think Dennis is
enjoying himself.  I know he has a ham radio license,  I was hoping he
would come to the ham radio more often.  NAISS - N4ISS

Susan was on voice as they came over the horizon - working many stations
- even heard a mobile !

Tnx & 73 - Good luck everyone!
Experimenters Group ARC - N4ISS
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