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Re: Re: [OZAPRS] ISS Alpha. Even More

Hello Bob!

03 May 01 09:10, you wrote to Norm McMillan:

 BB> I may be totally wrong here, but doesnt Indonesia have the worlds
 BB> largest number of unlicensed operations on the 2m band as anywhere on
 BB> the planet? If so, could that be the problem?  Choose a time when they
 BB> are not in the footprint and you are...  I wonder if that will make
 BB> the difference.

Trust me, it will make a difference, but us east coast Aussies are lucky in
that the mutual visibility is slim to nonexistent, so the Asians shouldn't
affect ISS ops too much.

It's a different story on the ham sats though, they're high enough to
experience problems, even from here in Melbourne. :(

Tony, VK3JED

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