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Worked Susan from my work van!

Here's a humorous story
I just finished playing an audio tape of the QSO I had with Jim Voss /
NA1SS yesterday, to an
electrical foreman on a new school, I was working at today.  He thought
it was pretty cool - but not convinced that I wasn't telling a real tall
tail.  I said the ISS was coming over in a few minutes, and then
proceeded to move my  work van to an unobstructed location.  He and
another worker walked over to my van to listen.  The pass started out
silent - and I explained that Susan may be having a private conversation
on a different frequency, and may tune to this one when she's finished. 
There was only about two minutes left of the pass - when low and behold -
Susan started calling CQ!  They both were staring in disbelief!  I called
between contacts and she returned to me saying "N4ISS LOUD AND CLEAR"  As
you can imagine, it was the talk of the job site the rest of the day!

I was running 45 watts into a mag mount antenna!
May 3, 14:15 UTC 48 degree max elevation - worked her at abt 10 degrees!

Experimenters Group ARC - N4ISS
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