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Maybe I am far to wrapped up professionally in the TV news business, but I 
cannot for the life of me understand why nobody has had a tape recorder 
sitting by their rig to record Denns Titro's ham radio operation from the 

Ever since I got on the air on 6 meter AM in the 1950's I have had some sort 
of tape recorder tied to my receiver(s) to capture anything that might be 
deemed important to preserving our past.  I have audio of the late Jean 
Shepherd K2ORS "roasting" a repeater owner in NYC as only "Shep" could.  I 
recorded the very first contact on 6 meter AM between a lady ham on Long 
Island and a ham in Osaka Japan -- triple hop F2.  I recorded the first words 
of Owen Garriott W5LFL from the shuttle Columbia using an IC-2AT hand held 
hard-wired to a Panasonic cassette portable -- stabding on the roof of 
Metromedia TV in Los Angeles -- etc.  

And as I sit here, I have inexpensive recorders (mostly Sony) connected to mt 
FT-847, FT-4700, Sangeean ATS-806, and several other pieces of gear.  Had 
Tito operated over California -- we would have his words for posterity.  But 
he did not, and it appears as if nobody else in hamdom recorded them either.  
As a result, now they are lost in the sands of time -- and lost with them is 
a bit of the realism of our own ham radio heritage.

May I suggest to each and every one of you involved in any area of VHF -- be 
it space -- FM -- weal signal -- or what have you.  Go out to your local 
Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or wherever; spend $20 on a standard size cassette 
recorder, some batteries and a few C-90 cassettes.  Keep it next to your 
radio -- resady to go -- just in case another bit of ham radio history -- 
like the foirst words of Dennis Tito from space -- come our way.  These 
moments tend to be few and far inbetweenand those who come after you will 
truly apreciate the legavy you have left for them.

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF
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