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RE: First Contact with ISS!!!


Congrats on the contact!! I made my first ham satellite contact on Sunday which really tickled me! Not to get off subject, but does anyone know of a list like this one that is related to amateur satellites? I would love to get posts from people who were able to make contact with the different satellites. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will work on making contact with the ISS. (only thing I've heard so far from the ISS is packet) Once again, congrats!

Stan - KB9YBU
Champaign, IL

> Just made my first contact with Susan Helms at 14:16 UTC today!  Came into
> the shack and saw about two minutes left on the pass.  Pointed the antenna
> that way and heard nothing.  Throwed out my call. Nothing.  Hit the
> amplifier. THEN there she was! Surprised me to no end!  I went 
> running into
> the kitchen to tell my wife that I had talked to Susan Helms, 
> NA1SS on ISS.
> Realizing what I had said she THEN she pointed out the following: 
>  Today is
> our anniversary and I came running into the other room to tell her that I
> was spending time ON the radio ON our anniversary talking to ANOTHER woman
> and was excited about it.  What could I say...  I laughed and left.Hi.
> 73...
> Rick Tilton
> n4wyk@infoave.net
> n4wyk@arrl.net
> n4wyk@amsat.org
> Foothills of North Carolina Website: http://web.infoave.net/~n4wyk

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