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Voice contacts, logs, and QSL Cards...

What are you guys running for an antenna/radio/power out?  Also, are they 
keeping a log up there?

What are the qulaifications for getting the QSL Card?  In other words, how 
do the QSL guys know you actually talked to the ISS?

QSL info at...  http://www.rac.ca/faqariss.htm

At 04:08 AM 05/03/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Vince,
>I was fortunate enough to work Susan Helms NA1SS on the International Space
>Station on FM phone April 20th @ 21:50 .  Actually I picked her up right after
>Tom N7HXP in Tacoma, Washington finished up with her .  Hang in there Vince
>I am sure you will make a contact . I try and make a point of 
>listening  on every
>pass I can in case they are on but no luck for since that date.
>Good luck .....the excitement is really worth the effort and the wait.
>73 de VE7WFG
>Armstrong, B.C.


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