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Re: ISS Igates

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> The only things required are:
> 1) It must be to one of the many generic TOCALLs of APRS, CQ, QST etc
> 2) It must begin with :EMAIL    :
> 3) The first word after the second colon must be an Email address
> 4) There must be an IGate on the ground that feeds it to APRS

AH! It's gotta be #1 that is the problem. 

I *knew* I was getting gated because I was showing up on ariss.net. But I
started out in ISS using UNPROTO CQ VIA NOCALL but switched to UNPROTO FN20hd
VIA NOCALL because it seemed like a handy place to stash the gridsquare that I
wouldn't have to type on each packet. But now I'm sending APRS status frames
every day or so, so that's unncessary. 

And I'm in a location that's almost *always* in the same footprint as W3ADO and
WU2Z and KB2WQM, so Igate coverage is not often a problem here. 

I was sending a birthday greetings; now it will just have to be retroactive. :-) 

73 de Maggie K3XS

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