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Re: Tito and Space Tourists

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>Subject: [sarex] Tito and Space Tourists
>Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 21:34:55 +0200
>Was the teacher on board the ill-fated shuttle not the first space tourist?
>The fact that she did not make it to space is academical (RIP).  She was a
>"person in the street" demonstrating that space travel is possible for
>anyone and all the school kids waited for her contacts from space with 
>That was really a long time ago.  Dennis Tito is not breaking new ground.

Dennis Tito's ONLY distinction is that he is paying his way.  Otherwise 
there have been "Lots" Of space tourist.  The Russians flew a English women 
(Helen something), a Japanese tourist, who had THEIR organization pay their 

The US has flown Senators, Arab PRince, and Christa M. (the school teacher) 
who are essentially tourist.  Again the only distinction Tito has is that he 
paid his way.

But we live in an era when labeling anything anything is possible if you 
just keep at it long enough.
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