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Tito and Space Tourists

Was the teacher on board the ill-fated shuttle not the first space tourist?

The fact that she did not make it to space is academical (RIP).  She was a
"person in the street" demonstrating that space travel is possible for
anyone and all the school kids waited for her contacts from space with great

That was really a long time ago.  Dennis Tito is not breaking new ground.

I support Dennis and his successors all the way.

Deon ZR1DQ

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| For the record, I think it is GREAT that Tito got to go to space!  He
| had to qualify and
| fullfill certain objectives.
| It is MY opinion that this is a BAD move on NASA's part to shun Tito.
| sent Glen for no
| other reason than positive press.  I'm OK with that.  It was positive.  If
| NASA thinks that Glen
| going to space was anything more, then they don't have a clue what is,
| puplic perception.
| Space costs alot of money!  As a taxpayer, I'm willing to pay for it!  I
| back NASA at every
| curve!  But NASA is wrong here!
| I fully understand the safety factor!  It is reason for concern.  So
| guidelines need to be set forth
| for ALL areas of the ISS, not just the "U.S. Areas".  Does this remind you
| of Berlin at all?  It is
| almost as if the COLD WAR is alive and well in space.
| I would like to know how the astronauts, in all the contributing coutries
| feel.  I don't care how the politicians at NASA feel.
| During the cold war, space was the great equalizer.  It was the one place
| where MAN was MAN.
| While I know it was just a movie, 2010 taught us some lessons.
| NASA is wrong and I'm embarrassed.  This does NOT mean that I will no
| longer support NASA.
| Its not too late for NASA to do the right thing!  Embrace this next step
| space history...and hire
| a new public relations staff!  Boy did they get this one wrong!
| >That video is worth lots of $$$$ to those willing to buy it.  The only
| >free source of video like this would be NASA, but I do not think that
| >are giving Tito any publicity.
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