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This is what happens - the computers CRASH and they award a larger

Dwayne Brown
Headquarters, Washington, DC                     May 2, 2001
(Phone: 202/358-1726)

Jerry Berg
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL
(Phone: 256/544-0034)

     NASA has elected to continue the existing contract with 
the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) of Falls Church, VA, 
to provide information services to agency centers and 

The priced option, valued at $108,428,576, covers the period 
May 1, 2001, through April 30, 2002. It continues services 
under a contract entitled "Program Information Systems 
Mission Services (PrISMS)," originally awarded to CSC in 

Work performed by CSC and its subcontractor under PrISMS 
includes support for NASA computer systems, applications 
software, telephone systems and audio-visual services. It 
also encompasses a range of services, including support of 
information management systems and the agency's Automated 
Data Processing Consolidation Center at NASA's Marshall Space 
Flight Center, Huntsville, AL.

The option is the last of six, priced contract options and 
brings the total value of the PrISMS contract to 
approximately $950 million. The CSC contract is managed for 
NASA at Marshall.


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