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QSO Susan Helms & Dennis Tito aboard ISS

HI All,
    I had the great pleasure today of making 2 contacts with the
International Space Station!  First was with Susan Helms, KC7NHZ  during the
15:04 UTC pass over Cincinnati, Ohio. She used the NA1SS callsign.  I made
the 1st contact at 15:12 UTC  near the end of the pass. She remarked that
she had the day off and some free time for Amateur Radio. Susan then talked
with WFIF. We both  apparently asked about Dennis Tito and she remarked that
he knew of the Amateur Radio setup aboard and thought he was planning to use
    Susan was correct!  On the 18:19 UTC pass I had and excellent several
minutes contact  with Dennis Tito, KG6FZX who also used the ISS call,
NA1SS. At 1st I didn't recognize his voice and I  asked,  is this Dennis?
He replied right back and said "yes, this is Dennis, and you are coming in
loud and clear".  Asked how he was getting along,  he remarked that he loves
space and having a ball.  He said it is the greatest experience of his
lifetime.  At the time he was over Canada and I asked him what it looked
like outside.  He remarked that there is no window where the Amateur
equipment is located so he could not give me a report.  Dennis was anxious
to know what was being disscussed about him on Earth.  I mentioned that
that MSNBC and CNN were running short video clips showing him boarding the
    Suggest everyone be on the lookout for Susan and Dennis aboard the ISS
using the  Amateur Radio Station,  NA1SS!  73, Farrell Winder, W8ZCF,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

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