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Dino Darling wrote:

> Space costs alot of money!  As a taxpayer, I'm willing to pay for it!  I 
> back NASA at every curve!  But NASA is wrong here!

I'm very much in favor of commercializing space travel, but I think there's a
reasonable argument to be made that the place needs to be nearer completion
before we start renting out rooms. 

I'm also sympathetic to the fact that our Russian friends already sold Dennis a
ticket, and had to bump him when they were pressured to close Mir. They had a
seat, and they flew him.

Lends a whole new meaning to flying "space-available", doesn't it? :-)   

> So guidelines need to be set forth for ALL areas of the ISS, 
> not just the "U.S. Areas".  Does this remind you 
> of Berlin at all?  It is almost as if the COLD WAR is alive and well in space.

Well, in fairness it must be said that the conversation apparently went
something like "He goes! It's our Soyuz!" "OK, but in our modules he needs an

The agreement reached by the ISS partnership was that no further "civilians"
would be flown to the station until guidelines acceptable to all the partners
could be developed.  

If you want to see what *real* cold war looks like, take another look at that
EP-3C sitting on the runway in China.

73 de Maggie, a Cold War baby who was almost P-3 aircrew herself at one

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