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For the record, I think it is GREAT that Tito got to go to space!  He still 
had to qualify and
fullfill certain objectives.

It is MY opinion that this is a BAD move on NASA's part to shun Tito.  NASA 
sent Glen for no
other reason than positive press.  I'm OK with that.  It was positive.  If 
NASA thinks that Glen
going to space was anything more, then they don't have a clue what is, 
puplic perception.

Space costs alot of money!  As a taxpayer, I'm willing to pay for it!  I 
back NASA at every
curve!  But NASA is wrong here!

I fully understand the safety factor!  It is reason for concern.  So 
guidelines need to be set forth
for ALL areas of the ISS, not just the "U.S. Areas".  Does this remind you 
of Berlin at all?  It is
almost as if the COLD WAR is alive and well in space.

I would like to know how the astronauts, in all the contributing coutries 
feel.  I don't care how the politicians at NASA feel.

During the cold war, space was the great equalizer.  It was the one place 
where MAN was MAN.
While I know it was just a movie, 2010 taught us some lessons.

NASA is wrong and I'm embarrassed.  This does NOT mean that I will no 
longer support NASA.
Its not too late for NASA to do the right thing!  Embrace this next step in 
space history...and hire
a new public relations staff!  Boy did they get this one wrong!

>That video is worth lots of $$$$ to those willing to buy it.  The only 
>free source of video like this would be NASA, but I do not think that they 
>are giving Tito any publicity.


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