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Shuttle Landing

I have been reading this list for a LONG time now and have learned an
incredible amount from it.  So I just had to jump in and share a bit of
excitement with you all.  I was in Lancaster, CA this morning, which is 15
miles south of Edwards AFB.  I was awakened this morning at 9:30 by two huge
sonic booms.  It wasn't until I watched the news a little later that I
realized that it was the Endeavor landing there!  AARRRGGGHHH!  I don't have
anything to really complain about though.  I used to work Helicopter
Security at EAFB and have seen the Endeavor (as a matter of fact) land
before.  However, it sure has a new meaning now that I am completely
obsessed with the ISS and stuff.

Anyhow, my little bit of joy (or irritation I guess) is now a part of all of

Thanx for the Sarex list and all of you who unbeknownst, are all my Elmers.


Happy DX-ing
Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF

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