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New features on ariss.net

There are a couple new features on www.ariss.net.

For the last couple days, you have been able to look at APRS messages, as 
Bob has pointed out. There is also the ability to see the last 100 raw 
packets for any station. Note that these are mingled with all the other 
APRS packets in the database, so stations who also send packets via the 
normal APRS system will have many more packets in their raw list, most 
not from ISS. Look for the NOCALL* digi to differentiate between them.

Second, the system now keeps track of the position of the ISS and 
displays it on the map. Since I can't draw a track on the map 
(technically I don't draw the map at all, I just generate the link, and 
your browser requests it from MapBlast) I display the 5 and 10 minute 
future positions to give an idea of the direction of travel.

Thanks for all the kind words so far, and I hope you find these 
enhancements useful.

Steve K4HG

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