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Re: Unproto/Chat Room tip for ISS

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Stan Vandiver wrote about non-standard TOCALL's:
> > They... are losing  out by not being able to monitor all the traffic.
> Yes, APRS software has this.  But the thousands of Kenwood HT's and
> Mobiles do not.  So while doing a lunch-time shirt-pocket demo with the HT
> or mobile, its frustrating to hear packets, and not be able to see who
> they are on the radio display itself.  I just wanted people to know that.
> Remember, two people with D7 HT's and rubber ducks can communicate via ISS
> once the 6,000 w ERP base stations get finished.  Or you can use any HT
> and a pocket TNC and a Palm Pilot running pocketAPRS. 

> A great way to easily do a student demo without having to bring a truck load of
OSCAR class equipment and power amps to the school...

The software I'm writing for the Cybiko is currently capable of
displaying UI frames from the ISS and sending messages and posits
through the
ISS. Since the Cybiko is targeted for the teenage market it might be fun
to show students that you can communicate through the ISS using
the very same computer they play their games on. I've run some test on
recent passes, but that 6,000 Watt ERP station never seems to stop

Some old screen shots of my first attempts to turn the Cybiko into a UI
machine can be found at: http://www.qsl.net/kg4ecv/ . I hope to have the
beta version ready soon of the Cybiko UI Messenger, together with a
special version for the ISS. 

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