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First Space Tourist = Ham Radio Opportunity

Like it or not, space tourism is now a reality.  I do believe however, that
ham radio has been handed a real opportunity to shine here.  We have the
worlds first space tourist and novice (new to) ham radio operator and the
news media is following his every footsteps.

Many Ham radio operators on this list have much experience at providing
ground support for Mir (and a few shuttles) and this experience could pay
off big time.  Its time to organize the ground network and make sure the
first Ham Radio Operators that make contact with Dennis, first of all
welcomes him to the world of Ham Radio and let's him know a world wide
network of operators is at his disposal for his communications needs (all
within reason of course).  Not only would the ham radio community gain a
valuable lifelong member, but we would have the media publicity that goes
along with it.

Just my $.02

73 de Mike/N1NAF

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