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Re: Unproto/Chat Room tip for ISS

On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Miles wrote:

> Here is a Suggestion for setting up your Unproto/Chat Room string.
> ... the greeting section can be just about anything.  It will not
> affect the reliability of the Unproto/Chat room packet.

The "greeting" that Miles is referring to is the TOCALL in the AX.25
packet protocol.  It is usually used to address your packets to a
particular group.   APRS stations address their packets to APxxxx and
APRS uses this TOCALL address as a way of filtering out packets not
addressed to them.  

THus they, and the thousands of APRS integrated HT and mobile radios that
display packets on their front panel, will not even see you if you use a
non-CQ or other generic BEACON TOCALL.

Of course, you are welcome to use the TOCALL for any purpose as Miles
suggests, but I just wanted to clarify, that a lot of people will not see
you if you dont use some of the standard ones that APRS accepts:  Only the
beginning characters must match.  THey are shown in CAPS:

CQxxxx, BEACON, ALLxxx, QSTxxx, MAILxx, APxxxx (APRS), etc.

THere are many more, but I dont remember tham and will ahve to look them
up.   There is one special case, however, used by all the Kenwood APRS
radios.  if the packet begins with a "'" character, then they use the
TOCALL for their POSITION data....

Miles suggestions are a very good way to use those 6 characters mor
effectively, but I just wante to point out a disadvantage if you want to
be seen by everyone...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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