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Tito mentions HAM radio

The following is a snippet from a sit-down interview with millionaire space
tourist Dennis Tito before his flight to the international space station.
CNN Moscow Bureau Producer Ryan Chilcote interviewed Tito while he was in
quarantine in his apartment at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star
City, Russia. The interview was conducted Sunday afternoon, April 22.

Chilcote: How are you going to communicate with people down on Earth?

Tito: I'm not going to depend on either NASA or Russian Mission Control
because I think they have plenty to take care of, but there is a HAM Radio
Station on board. And it's been indicated to me that I can send packet radio
which then will then be forwarded to the e-mail address that I designate if
somebody has a computer hooked up to the packet radio, and I made
arrangements with one HAM station to do that. So as long as the computer
works the way they've trained me in the simulator, I'll be able to send
e-mails. And also have voice conversations through other operators.

The entire interview can be read at

73, Cap KE6AFE

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