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Re: Voice QSO at 1819 Violation of FCC Rules

I'm not sure who wrote what to whom, but whoever is maintaining that ERP and
Transmitter Output Power in PEP are the same thing is misinformed. The FCC
regulates the Transmitter Output Power, NOT the ERP (Effective Radiated

There is one special case where ERP = Transmitter output power and that is
when the feedline losses are zero and the antenna gain is 0 dB.

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>   You just wrote it!  Subtitle B says that "No station may
> > transmit with a transmitter power exceeding 1.5 kW PEP".

> Peak Envelope Power means the amount of RF energy (in watts)
> leaving your antenna, not leaving your radio!

No, it doesn't and it NEVER has. Stop adding your own interpretation. The
rule says plainly the TRANSMITTER is limited to 1.5 kW PEP OUTPUT, no
feedline losses, or antennas are considered in the rule itself. You just
made that up on your own and you want others to accept it.

PEP NEVER means ERP...they are totally different concepts. PEP means peak
envelope power....of the TRANSMITTER...sheesh!

It has NOTHING to do with ERP, and the FCC mentions NOTHING about ERP in the

ERP = Transmitter output power - feedline losses + antenna gain.

The FCC Rule regarding power regulates ONLY the first term in the above

Either this is a silly troll, or you are ill-informed. In either case, get
out the crow fork. It's one thing to make a silly error...we have all done
it. It's another thing to stubbornly persist in this folly.

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