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Re: Ref: Last email.

Martin Hall wrote:

> They not only operate while the ISS is above ... they are on there 24/7.

There's a boatload of packet showing up on the UO-14 satellite too, 
where the uplink is 145.975.  There's a fair amount of ducting and other 
anomalous propigation going on too.

Also doppler does funny things. I remeber a UO-14 pass in the early days 
where an ISS voice QSO showed up in the downlink...we heard one of the 
Expedition 1 crew talking to his lady in Houston at W5RRR.

Ferinstance, as I wrote this:

  K5KDI>ID,GDD,N5UNI,DX,NF5E,DX,N5UNI,GDD,K5KDI/V [04/28/01 02:48:00]: 

just showed up here on 145.8...my (somewhat elderly) keps (been busy 
today) say ISS is over Ireland. Go figure.

One local guy showed up with UIs on the ISS *downlink*, and when I 
emailed him he said his station was "partially automated". I wonder 
which parts. :-) Not the typing part, because the 3 in his callsign came 
up as a #...that's a manual typo.

Seems like there's a bunch of people who think it's OK to just bang away 
with an automated station and look for their stuff to show up on 
ariss.net. How clever of them. Too bad not everybody's clever enough to 
get the setup right manually before walking away from it.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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