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ISS Freq's -VS- Southern California Band Plan.

   I sent in an email yesterday asking if there had been a change in the ISS
frequencies, as I was hearing packet stations on the uplink freqency (144.99
MHz.) I thank all of those that responded and let me know that nothing had
changed (and I had not gone batty) in reference to the ISS frequencies. 
   Herein lies the problem as I have been able to find out. I am not operating
packet, so I had to do a little checking in the ARRL Repeater Directory and
found out that the frequency (144.990 MHz) is listed as a 9600 baud PACKET
frequency here in southern California. (ARRL Repeater Directory 1999-2000, page
158, under California-South-Tasma) That sort of explains why I am hearing
packet stations on that frequency in my area, although they are not that
strong. I would imagine that in other areas of southern California that may be
a real problem, say the LA area, for one. 
   If one were to use the 145.800 MHz downlink frequency, offset his/her
tramsmit(uplink) frequency by 1.31 MHz, then begin to call the ISS on voice ...
they could be keying down on packet operators in their area without even
knowing it. ( If they are like me, and are not operating packet on a regular
basis, they would not know that that frequency is listed as a packet frequency
here in southern California.)
   This could be a real problem for some and not even know it. I can also
imagine what the ISS is having to listen to on the uplink (voice) frequency and
hearing all these packet signals along with the voice stations.
   I did fire off an email to TASMA to bring it to their attention. I don't
know if anyone has brought it to their attention before, but I did it anyway. 
   Again, thanks again to those that responded to my first inquiry. I thought
I'd share what I found out about that little tidbit on the packet stations on
the voice uplink frequency!

"Martin" WB6CKA
Indio, Ca.

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