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Re: Voice QSO at 1819

If FCC rules state 1.5 kW erp maximum how do you manage Moon Bounce etc.?

A friend of mine here in Australia has 25W input at 10.368 GHz into a 3.7 m
parabolic dish which has 57db of gain (=12.5MW) which is allowed by the ACA
and the reflected signals (CW) are hard to hear in the noise!

Murray Peterson

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>   Whoa.... Wait a minute there.
>   You do realize that FCC Rules Clearly state that 1.5 kw is
> the maximum ERP allowed on any band EVER.
>   Not to meantion, the FCC says to use the "minimum power
> necassary to establish communications."
>   So you are admitting to violating FCC Rules ??
> --- RaySoifer <RaySoifer@cs.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I worked Jeff on voice at 1819-1820 UTC.  OK, so I was
> > running 5 kW
> > eirp.  Now that I've worked him, I'll shut up for a while.
> > Glad he's
> > getting into the act too.
> > 73, Ray, W2RS

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