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According to the FCC data base, you are a Technician Class 
licensee.  Please go back and re-read the material you studied to obtain 
your license.  Amateur stations are limited to 1.5 kW power output.  EIRP, 
or effective isotropic radiated power, is power output multipilied by 
antenna gain.  In this case, my power output was 160 watts.  The difference 
between that and the 5 kW eirp I cited was supplied by antenna gain less 
coax loss.  My good friend Dave Blaschke, W5UN, has run 2 megawatts eirp on 
2 meters for 15 years.  I've been in his shack at the time and his Bird 
wattmeter indicated 1500 watts output.

73, Ray

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