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Re: ISS Packet Question

Matt Henderson wrote:

>   I got a message back saying..  '***NOCALL BUSY''
>   Are we allowed to conenct direct,

Well, it's certainly discouraged. Please don't. Th eTNC isn't set up to 
deal with it yet and there's nobody to talk to that way anyhow.

> or is there a limit in the number of people who are able to be connected to the
> station at a time? 

Yes, there's a limit, too.

> Maybe it would be better to just digipeat through it? 

Yes, that is the *vastly* preferred mode of operation. Use CONVERS modea 
with <UI> frames. See the URLs below for details.

> Can I send an e-mail to the "astrohams?", or
> post it to the ISS BBS in general?  Do they even have a BBS?

Not yet, but they will eventually. The TNC memeory was reset by a bad 
battery, so the PMS (BBS) isn't configured yet.

> Would I have to be conencted to do this?

Yes. :-)

> I am relatively new to packet and satellite operations, so
> bear with me. :)

No problem, Matt. Take a look at:


  You also may find interesting:




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