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Re: [OZAPRS] Re: More ISS Alpha

> I get packets thru every pass I try (but not EVERY packet) using an Alinco 
> DR-130 and KPC-9612.  All equipment is stock out of the box... no mods, 
> no deviation adjustments, etc.  I feed about 100 watts to 10 element 
> horizontal beam with no elevation control.

Yep, an ERP of 2,000 watts does wonders.

ALthough I advocate a low duty cycle of one packet randomly every minute
or so for average users to minimize interference to everyone else, there
is no real disadvantage to higher power, since once they get in, then they
back off and there is one less person congesting the uplink...

Even if everyone (100%) used 5 watts it would do nothing to solve the
congestion problem... in fact, it would be worse, because no one
would ever get through and just cause everyone to transmit more....
The only solution to the congestion problem is to get everyone to transmit
less often.

If someone has a BIG GUN station, it would be nice if we had one such
station per continent (footprint) that would uplink once a minute an ISS
pseudo packet that when digipeated would look like a GPS position
for ISS.  THen anyone with a D7, or D700 radio would see the location of
the ISS on the front panel of their radio... or anyone running APRS would
see the moving ISS object on their map to see how the pass is progresing. 
Wow, what a neat demo...

I have written an APRSdos program that constantly predicts the locaiton of
the ISS and is able to transmit an ISS OBJECT once a minute (under 1
second).   I can give this to one such big-gun per continent (footprint)
if anyone is interested.  Contact me directly, but ONLY if you are willig
to keep your KEPS up to date.  BAD info is worse than no info...

Don't think of this as competition on the uplink (1 second out of 60), but
a cheap way to get a live "GPS" posit from the ISS to users on the

de WB4APR, Bob

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