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Re: Fwd: Re: More ISS Alpha

Mike thompson wrote:

> I have tried THREE different radios  (a KDK-240, Icom IC-28H,
> ADI AT-200 ht..) and have yet to digi once through ISS.

>>> boy, i gave up trying to get a packet to the iss. i have co 
>>> to the conclusion
>>> that any kenwood radio will work just fine as everyone i know with at thd7 or
>>> ts2000 gets through just fine. gonna have to junk my icom

I really don't think it has anything to do with radios, and *everything* 
to do with how everybody and his dog is now slamming the uplink with 
beacons from AOS to LOS, and a still too-high number of them are doing 
CONNECTs. Before this got to be so popular, it was stone easy to get in 
with my FT-847, now it's nearly impossible.

I do hope people eventually get bored, but we're probably gonna see 
another spate of this when Tito get up there (especially since we're 
told he loves packet, and that there are people sleeping in the space 
where ARISS lives. I do hope he manages to take a keyboard with him 
somehow; but if he can afford $2 million a day for the bus fare, I 
suppose he can squeeze out a few doubloons for a handheld comp. :-)

73 de Maggie K3XS

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