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Re: More ISS Alpha

At 19:19 25/04/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>boy, i gave up trying to get a packet to the iss. i have come to the 
>that any kenwood radio will work just fine as everyone i know with at thd7 or
>ts2000 gets through just fine. gonna have to junk my icom 821h for an ht.

Tell ya what, I hadn't thought of that!!!  I'll be pissed off to the max if 
thats the story. On top of the AO-27 debacle and other bad stuff It'd be 
enough for me to pull the big plug.

I'd be interested to hear other opinions, and pleased to hear any to the 

Norm. Vk2XCI.
QF27wd, Mount Hope, NSW, Australia
Voice of The Edge Of The Outback.

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