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On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Francisco Costa wrote:

> After a couple weeks digipeating via ISS,  I've been wondering why
> my APRS spots weren't displayed on ARISS.NET web page.
> Only today I found the reason: instead of a "\" beetween Latitude/Longitude
> coordinates, I was using a "/".
> So, if you're having the same "problem", this will save you some time.

Actually, it still should have worked.  "/" means to use the PRIMARY ICON
table.  If it is a "\" it means to use the ALTERNATE ICON table.  Since
the ARISS page does not show any ICONS, it should not have made any
difference...  Ill try to remember to set mine to an alternate ICON 
and see if it gets through.  There are about 90 Icons to choose
from in each table, giving  lots of possibilities...

de WB4APR, Bob

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