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An AWSOME Visible ISS Pass....

At 2025 PDT this evening I saw the best pass of ISS ever seen!

I have seen ISS,MIR,and the Shuttle many times before, but this was a bit

Due to some daylight left (twilight zone)
ISS had to get up about 35 degrees above the horizon before we could see it.
( I had the whole family out there looking)
Once in sight it was an orange glow.
As it got closer to overhead the QTH, it started getting brighter. About 2/3
into the pass the ISS was really shining BRIGHT.
Almost looked like aircraft landing lights!
I have a good pair of binoculars (12x50) and was watching  the whole pass.
When ISS was brightest, I could distinctly see 3 sections. It looked like a
H and did see some distortion which I think was the Shuttle Docked on ISS.

It was most memorable, and wanted to share it with the group.

73, and happy hunting!


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