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Re: UHF Antenna on ISS.

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Keith wrote:

> It is for space comms not ham, it would be cool if they put a 10 
> meter rig on the space shuttle. BTW, I wonder why they don't allow
> a HF rig on the ISS also? It would be an interesting experiment and 
> would give that "space tourist" something to do and keep him out of 
> the way.

Interesting.  I thought 10m was a pretty good band too.  But you might
find the following that I received from someone in the UK to be an
interesting counter perspective on the use of 10m in space... (wink);-)

> I read your MODE-V/I 10m EASY-SATS FOR EVERYONE paper and have the
> following  comments to make.

> 1) Using 10M uplink will instantly alienate a *huge* number of paying
> users..[AMSAT]  who will most likely leave the organisation and go
> elsewhere  if your proposal [for a 10m satellite] is ever sanctioned.

> FYI, there are *many* people in our hobby with absolutely no interest in
> HF  radio....  I think you are looking at this from a totally USA
> perspective.  The cheap 'Radio Shack' rigs referred to don't really
> exist  outside the US of A. In the UK, such gear is not cheap.

> 3) In some countries, this one included, the use of such 10M gear is 
> strictly illegal for amateur radio purposes.

> I don't believe your suggestion, interesting though it is will see much 
> popularity with a large section of the AMSAT (World) membership.

> FYI. My license support document (BR68) says 'FULL CLASS B' in large
> print.   I worked for that pink slip and did *EXACTLY* the same exam as
> those who have a CLASS A certificate. Apart from my lack of any interest
> in HF  (and the associated 12WPM Morse test), I enjoy the use of
> virtually all the bandwidth that amateur radio has to offer.

> This may surprise you, but there are many people like me for which HF is 
> about as interesting as watching paint dry.

> Alienate us at your peril.

AMSAT-UK member #xxxx


I guess you can't please everyone.....

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