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packet on

Hi All,
      As you can the Radio Gear aboard ISS doesn't seem to be have packed
away or disconnected.  Other VK stsations must be working on the assumption
I was and not checking but I decided to look at the 21:25 UTC pass and to my
surprise got these returns.  According to the TV Sked the crew should have
been activating the MPLM.  I only fired a couple of frames during the pass
as another station was attempting voice contact.  Will that remain the case
with the the download freq. being the same for both as it makes it difficult
if people don't monitor the audio during unpro and another is attempting a
voice contact?

Hi Pete
VK3TI>QF22OA,NOCALL* [24-04-01  07:29:28] <UI R>:
Hi Pete

Greetings to VK1234567
VK3TI>QF22OA,NOCALL* [24-04-01  07:29:53] <UI R>:
Greetings to VK1234567

Best wishes and good health
VK3TI>QF22OA,NOCALL* [24-04-01  07:32:14] <UI R>:
Best wishes and good health

 73's an Good Health to All From VK

 Trev VK3TI

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