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ISS Active on VOICE 19:00 UTC april 23

Susan Helms was active on voice from ISS.
ISS Active on VOICE 19:00 UTC april 23.

The public was kind to Susan and did not over load her too much.
She worked several beginners in the eastern half of the USA.

RX 145.800
TX 144.490

Susan is a beginner at working "pile-up" on the ham 
band, Please be kind.
She is try to use the new ham jargon, CQ and QRZ.
And she is getting good at it.

So, here are a few tips to follow:
1. Wait for her to say CQ or QRZ before calling.
2. If she is talking so someone else, please wait for CQ/QRZ.
3. When you call her speak slowly and say your call with 
each transmission followed by OVER.

Good Luck and remember, she is still learning, lets
make it easy for her.

(the 19:00 pass does not guarantee voice for other passes,
its just random luck)

wf1f Miles Marex

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