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Re: ISS heard on voice

> Dave Wendling wrote:
> >     The standard downlink Freq 145.800.  Only caught bits, I wasn't
> > prepared!
> >>do you know what frequency and were they doing a family patch through
> >>goddard?
> >>> Heard the ISS on voice 21:00 UTC pass over New England.  Spoke with a
> >>> in Maryland
> I had that happen to me once too...I need to set up my audio recorder on a
> trigger. Too bad that even though they were using ARISS they didn't turn
the TNC
> back on when they were done.
> 73 de Maggie K3XS

Hi Maggie,

    If I could have made a contact I would have reminded them..:-)  btw I
checked out your web site from your signature line and enjoyed my visit very

73 KB1EAA, Dave

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