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MAREX News, STS-100

ISS Amateur Radio Status: April 19, 2001

ISS Packet Chat Room activated April 8
STS 100 launch today

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

ISS Packet Chat Room activated April 8:

Hi everyone, as some of you have seen, the ISS Chat Room packet was
activated last week.  We had several days in a row of non-stop chat room

WB4APR-9>APK101,NOCALL*,RZ3DZR [04/08/01 19:55:14]: <<UI>>:
:BLNB     :Its been a long time coming.0Mucho TNX to ARISS!

The packet system was shut down over the weekend, possibly in
preparation for the upcoming docking.  This week,  due to the crews work
load and the arrival of STS-100, we can expect 1 to 3 weeks of very
limited amateur radio packet operation from ISS.  
On the Mir program, it was normal for the Mir crew to shutdown all
unnecessary radio equipment during all docking and undocking.  This
shutdown usually included the Amateur Radio station on Mir.  It can be
assumed that a similar procedure is in place for the ISS.

STS 100 launch today:
STS-100 is scheduled for a launching today to the ISS.  The Shuttle crew
will be delivering 9,000 pounds of payload.  (Does anyone have a closet
big enough to hold 9,000 pounds of stuff?).  The ISS crew will need to
start making dinner for 10 rather than the normal 3.  So as you can
expect the ISS crew will be a little busy this week.


New MAREX Web pages:
Check out our future ISS Projects and a large list if Mir related links
and tips on how to use the Chat room on ISS.


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Until we meet again

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