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ISS Silence

Just to answer this speculation about the silence of the ISS Ham 
station I would like to say a few things.

The ISS ham equipment is attached to the wall in the ZARIA module 
otherwise known as the FGB. It does not need to be taken down when 
not in use. It is simply turned on or off whenever it is needed.
The crew has been asked to leave the equipment in the Packet mode 
whenever it is not being used for Voice operations.
As far as I know the only reason it is not on at this time is that 
the crew may have neglected to put the equipment back in the Packet 
mode after their last Voice operation.
There is no other reason sinister or otherwise.
So it is best to be patient and soon it will get turned back on. We 
are all hoping the crew will get around to re initializing the Packet 
system and putting in the correct callsign and other parameters. Then 
we will all enjoy the packet operations as they are intended to opera

In the meantime we have some fun operations to look forward to.
If anyone has any specific questions about the hardware I will try to 
answer them on this BB for all to read
Louis W. McFadin
Hardware Manager 
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