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RE: Re: [amsat-bb] ISS silence

 I did not get a chance to see the "HOLE" string - but this looks like
someone on the grd for got to put a call sign in and made a digi through
ISS's Digi  -

 Also with the Shuttle "coming to visit" the crew is probley house cleaning
The ham eqm - unlike MIR has to be stowed away and has no perm. place
out of storage.


From: 	Margaret Leber (K3XS)
Sent: 	Wednesday, April 18, 2001 2:04 PM
To: 	Dr Dave Larsen [ PhD ]
Cc: 	Francisco P Costa; amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org; sarex@AMSAT.Org
Subject: 	Re: [sarex] Re: [amsat-bb] ISS silence

"Dr Dave Larsen [ PhD ]" wrote:

>  The crew had been docking and updocking  TM31 to change ports - so I would
> think they would turn off all RF com links  - I have a PacComm and have
> been trying for the last 3 days to "over load" it  - C to NOCALL - digi at the same
> time ETC - so far its still-a-running

You're doing that with nothing connected to the console port, right?

Four frames a second of "NOCALL>CQ<<UI>>:" just plain looks scary. But ARISS
being powered down for the Soyuz maneuver is the simplest hypothesis for the
lack of signal, and if it *was* driven into a loop somehow (free memory
exhaustion?) the mode change for the station may have the beneficial side effect
of resetting the TNC.  

Of course, it's possible that the stream in question might not have come from
ISS at all.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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