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Possible 3 reasons for ISS silence!

It´s  Fernando in Spain(EC1AME)
I have been asking myself why the packet is QRT!!!
The buddies from ARISS should know ,but why not thinking about 3 reasons?:
1-I think that the goal as from Thursday is SO important that they don´t 
want any kind of mistakes...They are going to install  the 
Canadian-contributed robotic arm, called Canadarm2.
The operation of the arm is critical to the capability to continue assembly 
of the International Space Station and to attach a new airlock to the 
station ...maybe a long EVA walk needs QRM-free comms!!!

2-Another possible reason is that the  volume control of the rig was high 
and they got crazy with continuous packets (Prfff=¡*+##€)and decided 
to switch it off to rest a bit :-)

3-And why not? may be they keep having problems with windows.These past days 
there were reports about several troubles with computers onboard using 

After all,I prefer thinking the reason is that they are setting up the 
system for SSTV!!! Who  knows?

Let´s wait and see! this is just beginning!

Good luck to all and have a nice day

Fernando Casanova
Apartado Postal 1.114
Radio FM :http://www.fernandocasanova.com
Amateur radio :http://www.fcasanova.com
Radio Club:http://www.ea1uro.com

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