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Alligator ARISS [was: Why FULLDUPE On is good?]

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> How was everyone's success last night?  I heard one station in our
> area transmitting his packets every 3 seconds for the entire duration of
> the pass.  THus, effectively jamming everyone in the country...
> Yet when I talked to one of the others ...didn't see it as any problem,
> figured he had as much right to try as everyone else...its human nature.  
> About all we can hope for is
> user education as to what is going on and hope that users will lower their
> retry rate...

The irony here is that everybody *knows* who the alligators are. Perhaps a
wall-of-shame query to Steve's database could produce a list of stations that
are beaconing; i.e. three duplicate packets with timestamps less than, say, 2
minutes apart. 

I can even envision automating an email to KBnYUK@arrl.net and KBnYUK@amsat.org 
and even a QRZ email address lookup, where KBnYUK is the hypothetical bad actor.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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