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Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Why FULLDUPE On is good? (Re: iss)

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Paul Williamson wrote:

Bob wrote:  > > But if we could get everyone down to say one packet per 2
> >minutes, then there would be a 90% chance that more than 100 people PER
> >PASS WOULD be successful... (or so)

> And a 0% chance of any of them actually having a conversation.

I'm not sure of your point.  But if we improve the throughput by sharing
the bandwidth and cutting down on the congestion, then it would seem
"communications is improved"..

If 100 people-packets get through, I could see how someone who
wanted to "converse" could say "Hi Jim, its a beautiful day down here in
Florida, Hows the weather in CHicago".  And  one of the other 100 folks
could reply with "Well, Jack, you know, its been awfully tough getting in, 
but I finally made it".  To which Jim could reply "Great, glad to see 
you this morning, I guess this qualfies as a QSO via "ISS", 73s."  Three

In other words, I dont know what else to expect, but sharing a single 1200
baud channel in 6 miuntes between 10,000 people of which only about 100
packets will get in, does make it a challenge.  But there is nothing
that prohibits a conversation.  And at a once every 2 minute rate,
then 2 packets each way is entirely possible in a 6 minute pass.

This is not much different than trying to have a one-on-one conversation 
in the morning on a 2 meter repeater during rush hour..  Except that same
repeater covers every city in the country for only 10 minutes.  5000 times
more people...

See my next message... about LIDS...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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